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The first draft of Windsor came back from the printers on Tuesday.  There was quite a bit to put right, which I sent to them the same day.  They hope to get a new version to me tomorrow.  It’ll have to be pretty close to perfect, as in addition to checking that I also need time to update the page numbers in the index on my Word document to align with how they appear on the pdf version.  I then send them the updated Word.  There is little time left for any more drafts to be sent to and fro if there’s going to be a single hard copy for me to check before the full print run is authorised – and delivered by 6 June.  That evening’s race meeting is being marketed as the 150th anniversary, but I can see no mention of a book whatsoever.  At least there is the rest of the summer for it to be promoted and sold.

On a different note, I was contacted recently by one of my old correspondents who has been preparing a book on the history of racing’s Day family.  He is rather less concerned with Alfred than me, being much more interested in the Days of the nineteenth century and earlier.  It sounds like he has gone further back in time to explore their origins than anyone else has done, and in the course of his 14 years of research he has also developed some new theories about the Victorian Days’ reputations.  I look forward to reading them.

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All the Windsor words and pictures are with the printers.  There’s nothing I can do for now, it’s too soon for me to get a first draft pdf back from them.  I’ll wait a week and if I haven’t heard from them by then I’ll ask about progress.  Once that pdf arrives, I’ll be checking to see that the words, the layout and the pictures look like they should, and I’ll have to renumber the index; seventy-odd pages of my Word document equal about double that number of pages on a pdf.  The printers and I will swap drafts, whittling away the typos, errors and anomalies and with luck reach an agreed final version before the end of the month.  Earlier would be better!  The book needs to be on sale on 6 June.

While Windsor is temporarily quiet I am doing a few bits and pieces on some of my future research projects.

Last year I was commissioned to write an article about Bath races in the Jane Austen era.  The timing was slightly awkward due to working on Uttoxeter and Windsor at the time, but it was nice to be asked and the job has been done.  I am glad to see it in print in the May/June issue of Jane Austen’s Regency World.  Regardless of the quality of my writing, the whole article looks very good and it is well supported with colourful illustrations.  You can’t see it online, but you can find out more here….


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