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I haven’t gone, it’s just that the entry I wrote two weeks ago didn’t get posted. I thought I had scheduled it, but it still says it’s due to publish on 8 June!

I’ve received comments from one of my reviewers. He’s read it properly, finding typos, nonsense, and misunderstandings on my part. Heroically he’s said he will read it again to see what else he can find. I am encouraged by him saying he thought it better than two of my other books that he has read.

My other reviewer is the racecourse manager. He hasn’t finished reading it yet, but I gather he will have comments. Let’s hope he doesn’t want drastic changes! I am going to meet him next week to learn his thoughts, and possibly get some additional material from him and discuss how the publicity for the book can be developed. It’ll be a day trip, during which I plan to meet one or two of my other helpers that day. I can hardly believe it’s almost two years since I started on Uttoxeter, prior to which it was, to me, just a racecourse with a funny Roman name. (Current thinking is that it wasn’t an important Roman settlement, and the name derives from Anglo-Saxon times.)

Last time I referred to a particular episode that needs to be expanded. I have started rewriting that. Elements of it are potentially sensitive, so I need to choose my words carefully. After that I plan to incorporate both sets of corrections into version 2 of the text, which should be quite close to the final version.

I still haven’t done anything more on the subject of pictures. In my defence I’ve been working on an Appendix about their biggest race, the Midlands Grand National. Composing a few sentences about each renewal of a race that started 45 years ago took longer than I first thought.

I haven’t been to a Uttoxeter race meeting since last June. Maybe next month I can get to one. Certainly I will later in the year when I’ll have to promote the book. This last fortnight I have been racing locally quite a bit, including one record-breaking (for me) three meetings in 26 hours.

We’ve been having some decorating done at home and shifting books around to avoid the paint has accelerated my vague intention to cull some of the less-read ones, which mostly date from the 1980s. So far I’ve earmarked over forty. I hate the idea of throwing books away, though. In my suburban enclave there’s no racing connection, so the charity shops won’t want that many. Maybe a charity shop in Newmarket or their local library? I am open to other suggestions. My local charity shops may be drip-fed the hundred or so non-racing books that are also going to be thrown out.

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